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The Health Benefits of Kelp

Love Organics promotes health for your mind, body and soul. We do that because we understand that working on our insides will reflect positively on the outsides. Whether it be because the ingredients used in our organic ferments have nutrients that are capable of fighting eczema or heart disease, contribute to healthy weight loss and everything in between. Or, that eating our ferments just make you feel so good! When you’re eating our Kimchi, Fennel Kraut or Ruby Kraut you can rest assured that you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to vegan and cruelty free organic superfoods. Speaking of superfoods, kelp is one of the best. We use it in our ferments because it’s loaded with calcium (it actually has ten times the calcium found in milk!), vitamin C, vitamin B-12, iron and magnesium.
Kelp is one of the best natural sources of iodine there is, giving it superhero hormone-balancing capabilities.
But don’t just take our word for it, here are a few science based reasons to enjoy kelp as a daily part of your diet.

Kelp benefit #1

It’s a great source of iodine (1) and because iodine is one of the main components of the support of the regulation of our thyroids, this means that kelp can assist in regulating your biochemical reactions of protein synthesis and enzymatic activity. When we’re deficient in iodine, this can turn into enlargement of our thyroid gland and with that comes weight changes (2), so a few spoonfuls of Love Organics ferments with one of your meals can mean a healthy regulation of not just your thyroid but also your weight. Maintaining a healthy weight (whatever that might mean to your body) and lifestyle means more get up and go in the morning and a happier and healthier you, which we Love! (See what we did there…)

Kelp benefit #2

Given that we already mentioned that kelp has more calcium than milk, it goes without saying that this delicious little superfood from the sea will help keep those bones of yours healthy and strong (3). As our ferments are vegan, this also means that Love Organics is a great plant based source of calcium. It’s even better than kale, so you can throw away your kale chip maker and just get your hands on a jar of Love Organics instead.

Kelp benefit #3

Finally, there have been plenty of studies on the longevity of people’s lives in Japan (4) and it could be because kelp makes up a huge 21% in the Japanese staple diet (5)! Given the huge amount of minerals, nutrients and vitamins that kelp contains, it’s not hard to imagine that this incredible superfood could be a contributing factor in that longevity. While more studies need to be conducted, and are every day, it definitely won’t hurt you to take a (kelp) leaf out of Japan’s book and start eating more kelp now. It can be hard to try and incorporate these beneficial superfoods in your general day to day. We understand. It’s also because these superfoods will often come in dry powders or supplements that you need to add to smoothies, drinks or take in pill form. The beauty of Love Organics is that we use our organic kelp and incorporate it smoothly, and deliciously, into our ferments so you can add it to any meal throughout the day to get in your daily dose of healthy ingredients as part of a balanced diet.   REFERENCES

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